Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 18th Updates

August 12th - August 18th
 9x12 acrylic pet portrait 
12x12" oil pet portrait at the beach
 5"x7" watercolor pet portraits
 11"x14" watercolor cat painting 
8"x10" watercolor and pen and ink house painting/drawing

August 11th Updates

5th August - 11th August
 9x12" acrylic dog portrait
 8x10" acrylic pet portrait 
8x10" acrylic pet portrait 
progress of "mad men" couple oil painting 
 finished 11x14" oil painting 
two 11"x14" mother and daughter watercolors
 8.5"x11" watercolor pet portraits
 a couple more 8.5"x11" watercolor portraits
 5"x7" pet portraits
 and lastly, a 11"x14" dog portrait

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 4th update

New work from 29th July-4th August
 30cmsx40cms oil baby portrait
 (left) 10x12" oil dog portrait, (right) 8x10" oil dog portrait
 11"x14" hockey family watercolor portrait
 8.5"x11" watercolor double dog portrait
 5x7" double dog portrait
 8.5"x11" watercolor portraits
 5x7" watercolor portraits
 8.5"x11" watercolor portrait


 11x14" oil couple portrait.  brown acrylic underpainting started
Two 16x20 oil child portraits.  acrylic underpainting started.